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Let’s make “Still a better father than John Winchester!” a meme.

Let’s not do that.


thats fucking ryan gosling


thats fucking ryan gosling

I’m gonna go talk to Larry. Okay, honey?

"I like the tail section. I think that’s Curtis. That’s who he is. The tail section’s hard, it’s grimy, it’s dirty, it’s rough, it’s gritty. And I had the most fun back there." Chris Evans

Interview with Snowpiercer costume designer Catherine George.

HelloTailor: When you were creating the look for each of the main characters, how much input did the actors have? I read an interview with Tilda Swinton where she mentioned you visiting her house to discuss what her character would look like, so I’d be really interested to hear more about that. 

Also, I was wondering if she was intentionally designed to look slightly like Ayn Rand, which is a comparison I’ve heard from a few people already.

Catherine George: In Tilda’s case, Mason’s look was so drastically different that we needed to have clothes and prosthetics made in advance in order to camera test. So we travelled to Scotland with a couple of suitcases of clothes, wigs, glasses and teeth and really had fun with the wardrobe, all while Tilda’s fish pie was baking, and we also got to enjoy the Scottish countryside.
I had collected pictures of dictators wearing elaborate uniforms and crazy hand-made medals. I hadn’t looked at Ayn Rand specifically but I had collected some images of old ladies from that period who would wear their fur and look down their noses at people who were less better off, a bit like Thatcher. But now people are mentioning it, there are similarities to Ayn Rand.